Kepa reveals “Auba” fell in love with the news of Tuchelden

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Kepa Arrizabalaga, the Chelsea goalkeeper, revealed the atmosphere in the ufabet team when he heard about the sacking of head coach Thomas Tuchel more than 10 days ago that the whole team was dismayed. The person who can’t keep the style is probably the vanguard. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang because of his close relationship with the coach.

Tuchel was repute to be a stubborn manager, so he dealt with club president Todd Bohly on many issues. Even the last straw is a defeat at Zagreb. So he immediately dropped out of his chair and replaced him with Graeme Potter.  

Kepa And the person who was most dismay when the Deutsche boss pass away was that Auba had just arrived from Barcelona, ​​and one of the key factors was Tuchel persuaded him .  

” It’s true that the first day he arrive there was even a small scar, ” he told ‘ Sun Sport ‘  .

” And then in just a few days Tuchel got fired you got a little panick. So many things change in just a few days it’s crazy to sit and read Auba ‘s mind . ” 

“ Everything that happened to him came unexpectedly. ”

The owner of the price of 10 million pounds has entered the two starting points for the Champions League group stage , having made 1 assist, from now on, the race queue is empty until the return kicks off after the national team break meets Crystal Palace ( 1 Oct. c .)