Spice Up A Birthday Party With A Paintball Event

Spice Up A Birthday Party With A Paintball Event

If you are the one tasked to plan for a birthday party of a friend or a family member and you want to spice it up a bit, then you should consider a paintball birthday party. This is great especially if the birthday celebrator is someone who loves a challenge. This is a great surprise not only for the celebrant but for the guests as well.

You have to remember that when it comes to paintball battle, you know the gear that you need to prepare. Usually, companies like Snipers Den host the event will have this covered, still, it is best that you know you have everything ready. Make sure that you include the following in your list ticked off.

Paintball Gun

Of course, a paintball event will not be complete without the paintball guns. These are essential tools to make the event happen. There are different types of paintball guns to try but the world-class choice is the Tippman 98 Platinum. It is known for its great reputation in durability, speed of shooting, and accuracy. But at Snipers Den, you can request for the paintball gun to be upgraded.

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During a paintball battle, the quality of the paint used can greatly affect the performance of the players’ performance. The last thing you want is to have a disappointed player because of the low-quality paint used. At Snipers Den, they stock on high-grade paint that easily breaks on impact.

Anti-Fog Masks

Another gear to have would be the anti-fog masks. This will complete your assault gear. The VForce Vantage masks are the most recommended since they are safe and easy to use. Spiders Den also guarantees that this mask won’t fog up which will ensure your clear vision during your paintball battle.


According to Snipers Den, most of the paintball birthday events that they host request urban operation-themed parties. There are full-length urban camouflage overalls that you can go for. They are the most requested since this provides a better cover during the battle. Check the overalls first and make sure that it has enough padding up the top and extra padding around the neck.

Chest Protection

The chest protection is offered to women who join the paintball battles at Snipers Den. This will give additional protection and is usually a part of a womans’ paintball equipment at no extra charge. So if you have women involved, make sure they wear chest protection before going into battle.

Paintball Birthday Party in Melbourne

It is now easy to find companies that host paintball in Melbourne events. That is why if you want to go out of the ordinary and make the birthday party more exciting, then a good run around in the open space is definitely one way to do it. If this is the kind of party that you want to have soon for a family or friend, then go ahead and visit Snipers Den to learn a little bit more about the events that they offer.