Essentials should you look for when hiring an Event Planner

Essentials should you look for when hiring an Event Planner

If you’ve ever had to organize an event, you understand how difficult it can be. Among other things, you’ll need to plan the schedule, hire caterers, print and mail invites, collect RSVPs, and find entertainment for the event. If you overlook one detail, your event will almost certainly collapse or fail terribly. Rather than pulling out your hair and having sleepless nights, employ a professional event planner like The Third Day and an event planning firm to give professional services and a wholly managed event. When leasing an event planner, there are several things to look for:

Understand your event and the professionals who deal with it.

Not every event is the same. Some specialize in company events, brand management and launch, and even corporate branding for special events. Smaller occasions, such as anniversaries and birthday celebrations, will not be catered by these companies. We propose that you write down exactly what you want before hiring a planner and then look for a suitable event planner.

Always double-check references and reputation.

Most event organizers and event management businesses will be pleased to show you their portfolios. Even if the planner or organization has a portfolio, they will have a design book that they will be delighted to offer you straight away. You should ask for recommendations and call these clients during the first meeting. The only way to check the event planner’s experience and qualifications are to speak with former clients.

Contacts’ network

Good planners have an extensive network of contacts in the sector. They require this because they must be able to service all of their customers’ needs, which mean they must be able to locate anything from A to Z at any given time. Your event planner will be well-known and have extensive experience dealing with emergencies or cancellations if they have a lot of industry contacts.

The Third Day

Conduct online research

Good planners will always make their portfolios and events available on their website for you to view. In addition to personal or company websites, you can hunt for skilled local event planners or event management organizations in the Yellow Pages and Trade Directories.

Cost and originality

Because originality comes at a price, most event planners charge for their services. You can, however, compare prices and services before deciding on a business for your event.

Firms vs. independent contractors

Please keep in mind that independent or private consultants are just as good as large firms, which should not influence your decision. The Third Day recommends that you find and hire a professional event planner as soon as possible now that you know what you should do. Take the time to investigate the services and tariffs available to ensure you’re getting the most bangs for your buck.