Ideas for Wedding photoshoot Singapore

Ideas for Wedding photoshoot Singapore

Singapore has plenty of scenic places for your wedding photoshoot or pre-wedding shoot. But with the current covid-19 restrictions and new variant in the picture, you can’t go to many places, so you have to be creative with places in your reach and create memorable and beautiful wedding pictures. So, we have enlisted some ideas about locale places that are easy to reach, budget-friendly, and will reflect your love story in wedding photos of your wedding photoshoot singapore.

  • Sports Arenas:For sporty couples who love sports, a sports arena could be a great choice to have your photoshoot there. With covid 19, there is no tournaments and tourist, so it will be easy to find a spot at places like this.
  • Schools or college:Well, if you and your partner know each other from school times or college times, then schools and colleges can also be your option. It will be beautiful to have photos at the place where your journey from strangers to your life partner started. You can have shot at school corridors, playgrounds, classes, libraries, or even at gates.
  • Local supermarkets: These places are a part of our daily life; you can find them easily nearby you and get the homey feeling. You can be in your casual clothes and have a very nice and goofy picture.

Wedding photoshoot

  • Cafes or diner: Cafes and diners, especially of different architecture and styles, will make a good choice for your wedding shoot. And it can also reminisce the days when you used to date.
  • Playgrounds or parks: Playgrounds and parks are part of our childhood memories; having a photoshoot here will bring out the child in you. Parks have everything trees, benches, walking pathways, swings, rides, and many more things, perfect for getting unique and pleasant photos. And they are public property, so no charge to pay. Just be a little creative and get candid photos with your significant other.
  • Bridges: Well, the Helix Bridge and The Henderson Waves Bridge are two of the most iconic bridges in Singapore. These two bridges are surely exceptional places for having a pre-wedding shoot. And if you get a drone, the pictures will be marvelous.
  • At home: Having a wedding or pre-wedding shoot at home hardly comes into anyone’s mind. Wouldn’t it be relaxing and fun to have a photoshoot at your home? It’ll be cost-free and comfortable.

Regarding pre-wedding photoshoots, Singapore has a wide range of unique and inimitable locations. Hope this set of ideas will help you find a perfect place for your wedding photoshoot in Singapore.